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PACBI issues guidelines for Cultural Boycott

Yesterday, the Palestinian Campaign for the Acacemic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) issued a set of guidelines for implementing cultural boycotts, especially when circumstances or politics are grey.  Here is an excerpt, referencing similar boycotts in South Africa:

The cultural boycott campaign against apartheid South Africa has been a major source of inspiration in formulating the Palestinian boycott calls and their criteria.  In that context, the key argument put forth by the South African regime and its apologists around the world against the anti-apartheid cultural and sports boycott — that boycotts violate the freedom of expression and cultural exchange — was resolutely refuted by the director of the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid, Enuga S. Reddy, who in 1984 wrote [5]: “It is rather strange, to say the least, that the South African regime which denies all freedoms … to the African majority … should become a defender of the freedom of artists and sportsmen of the world.  We have a list of people who have performed in South Africa because of ignorance of the situation or the lure of money or unconcern over racism.  They need to be persuaded to stop entertaining apartheid, to stop profiting from apartheid money and to stop serving the propaganda purposes of the apartheid regime.”  Similarly, the Palestinian boycott call targets cultural institutions, projects and events that continue to serve the purposes of the Israeli colonial and apartheid regime.

While BACEIA is currently organizing around a consumer boycott of Israeli products, we’re certainly supportive of other forms of boycott as well.  Recently, the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) was formed to support the work of PACBI here in the US.

Read the full set of guidelines here.