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Christians & Academics

Electronic Intifada has reported on two exciting documents that were released this week: the Kairos Palestine Document and a report from the Alternative Information Center documenting Israeli academic institutions’ role in the ongoing oppression of Palestinians.

Here’s a snippet on the Kairos Palestine Document:

Kairos is an ancient Greek term meaning the right or opportune moment. The Kairos Palestine Document is inspired by the liberation theology, especially in South Africa where a similar document was issued at a crucial time in the struggle against apartheid. Informed by a lucid vision based on the universal principles of “equality, justice, liberty and respect for pluralism,” Palestinian Christians issue this document today to explore a morally sound way out of the “dead end” reached in the Palestinian tragedy, “in which human beings are destroyed.”

And a snippet on the AIC’s report:

The report proves and clarifies that aside from very few minor ones, the Israeli academic institutions have not opted to take a neutral non-political position, but to fully support the Israeli security forces and policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians despite the serious suspicions of crimes and atrocities hovering above them. Examples of this range from the development of weaponry for the Israeli army such as the Israeli Technion development of an unmanned D9 house-demolishing tractor, through economic and public support of specific operations such as the special non-academic based scholarship given by Ben Gurion University for students who had served in the 2008-2009 attacks on Gaza, to direct participation in the occupation by establishment of campuses and University buildings in illegal settlements.

These are very exciting tools that we help can expand our movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions further into religious and academic communities.  We encourage you to read the two articles and the reports!