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Columbia Sportswear markets to settlers

Mondoweiss and Coteret have posted an ad by Columbia Sportswear targeting Israeli settlers with their fleece jackets:

The Israeli franchisee of Columbia Sportswear, a large Portland-based manufacturer of outdoor clothing, with an impressive Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio and what appears to be a rather progressive domestic client base, rather the following ad in the November 27 edition of the Jerusalem Post’s Friday Magazine.

Note the description at the bottom “for active work in various regions, including outposts.” If we have any doubt what “outposts” the ad is referring to, see the same ad in Hebrew, which ran on the same day in the Friday Political Supplement of Makor Rishon, a right-wing weekly. The Hebrew translation of “outposts” there is “gvaot” (hills) a euphemism for the illegal outposts populated by the “hilltop youth”, notorious for their violence against Palestinian civilians.

Definitely worth contacting their offices, especially given their Corporate Social Responsibility language.  We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything else.

Check out Mondoweiss and Coteret — two other great resources.