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    Check out our resources to see our list of products to boycott. Is there an item you see missing from our list? Email us at products@baceia.org and let us know! Let us know the brand name, what it is, and where you found it.
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Get Involved

Sign our Pledge!  Boycott Israeli Goods!

>> Sign the pledge to not buy, sell, or purchase Israeli products!

As a consumer, you have power to protest!  Boycott Israeli goods and goods that support Israeli apartheid! Israeli products often have barcodes beginning with “7290-”. However many are packed in other countries avoiding such a label. Check out our boycott list of Israeli products and products from companies that support the apartheid system.

You can also help us keep our list up-to-date! Check your products before you buy them. If you find an Israeli good, send us its name and where you saw it. Goods sightings can be sent to: products@baceia.org.

Support the Palestinian fair trade economy

We can also show solidarity with people in Palestine by supporting the Palestinian economy – particularly the fair trade economy!  Click here for additional resources on supporting the Palestinian fair trade economy.

Get more involved with BACEIA and the Break the Siege

Our participation as consumers in the boycott of Israeli goods is just the first part of the campaign. Through our collective action and in collaboration with other BDS initiatives, we can spread BDS action to businesses, institutions, and governments.

There are small and large ways to help out with the campaign including signing others up to take the pledge:

Table with BACEIA
To build the campaign and educate our community, we table at diverse community events and in front of grocery stores that sell Israeli products. By doing so, we engage in face to face conversations with folks about the BDS movement for justice in Palestine and the roles that we can all play in ending Israeli Aparthied. You can join other campaign members at their tables or bring together you own tabling crew — let us know and we can get you started with materials and a training.

Join our Cause on Facebook
Facebook is fast becoming a great community organizing tool and we want to use it to our advantage.  Click here to join and spread the word to your friends!

Come to a meeting, and start organizing
If you are interested in getting more involved, email us at info@baceia.org.

Support other local, national, and international BDS efforts

The BACEIA boycott is just one part of the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. For a list of other campaigns and organizations, look here.